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Phones designed for Fi give you better coverage by intelligently shifting between networks. If you already have a phone you love, you can bring it to Fi.

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Phones designed for Fi give you smarter coverage by shifting between multiple mobile networks and millions of Wi-Fi connections.
Save $133 over 2 years
Save $133 over 2 years
Subscribe and save on Pixel 4a
Get a Pixel 4a, device protection, and a phone upgrade after 2 years—all for just $15/month.
Pixel 4a phone with subscription service.
Phantom Pink
Phantom White
Phantom Grey
Samsung Galaxy S21 5G

From $20.83/mo or $799.99 $499.99

Phantom Violet
Phantom Black
Phantom Silver
Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G

From $29.17/mo or $999.99 $699.99

Phantom Black
Phantom Silver
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

From $37.50/mo or $1,199.99 $899.99

Awesome Black
Samsung Galaxy A32 5G

From $11.67/mo or $279.99

Volcanic Gray
Motorola One 5G Ace

From $7.46/mo or $299 $179

Flash Gray
Moto G Power (2021)

From $4.12/mo or $249 $99

Sorta Sage
Just Black
Pixel 5

From $29.12/mo or $699

Just Black
Pixel 4a (5G)

From $16.62/mo or $499 $399

Just Black
Pixel 4a

From $14.54/mo or $349

Misty Blue
Moto G Play (2021)

From $2.04/mo or $169 $49

Mystic Grey
Mystic Bronze
Samsung Note 20 5G

From $25.00/mo or $999.99 $599.99

Mystic Black
Mystic Bronze
Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G

From $37.50/mo or $1,299.99 $899.99

Mystic Black
Samsung A71 5G

From $8.33/mo or $599.99 $199.99

Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G

From $20.83/mo or $1,199.99 $499.99

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G

From $29.17/mo or $1,399.99 $699.99

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No matter the phone you use, you'll get great coverage at a great price.

What to expect if you bring a phone

All compatible phones get reliable coverage, privacy and security features that protect your personal information, and family features that help your family stay safer on their phones and build healthy digital habits. Only phones designed for Fi are built with network-switching technology. Unlocked phones compatible with T-Mobile's 5G network will have access to 5G on Fi.
  • Phones designed for Fi

    Phones designed for Fi are built with a unique technology that keeps you covered by seamlessly switching between multiple major networks and 2 million+ secure Wi-Fi connections. Learn more

  • iPhone®

    Fi is in beta for iPhone®. Bringing your iPhone® to Fi requires some extra setup, like changing a few of your Settings. We'll walk you through it step-by-step, and our support team is always available if you need help. Currently, iPhone® does not have network-switching technology, and 5G is not supported for the iPhone® 12 series, but you'll still get great coverage. Learn more

  • Other Android phones

    Fi works on most phones, but we always recommend checking your phone's compatibility before joining Fi. If your unlocked phone is compatible with T-Mobile's 5G network, you'll have access to 5G on Fi.

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