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Network and Coverage


  • Why is Project Fi only available on select devices?
    These devices are the first smartphones that support our network of networks. They work with the Project Fi SIM card, which supports multiple cellular networks, and have a state-of-the-art cellular radio tuned to work across network types.
  • How much will a device cost if I get a new one from Project Fi?
    You can buy a device from Project Fi with two ways to pay: all at once or, for qualified buyers, over 24 months.

    If you qualify, you can pay for your device over 24 months. There’s no interest or fees but a credit check is required. See terms and conditions here.

    Device Buy today + applicable taxes Pay over 24 months + applicable taxes
    Pixel 2 - 64GB $649 $27.04/month for 24 months
    Pixel 2 - 128GB $749 $31.21/month for 24 months
    Pixel 2 XL - 64 GB $849 $34.38/month for 24 months
    Pixel 2 XL - 128 GB $949 $39.54/month for 24 months
    Pixel XL - 32 GB $669 $27.88/month for 24 months
    Pixel XL - 128 GB $769 $32.04/month for 24 months
    Android One Moto X4 $399 $16.63/month for 24 months

  • If I already have a Fi-compatible device, can I use it with Project Fi?
    Yes, you can bring the Pixel, Moto X4, Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X or Nexus 6 you already use to Project Fi. When you sign up, you’ll have the option to get a free SIM card shipped to you. For more information on compatible devices click here.
  • If I buy a new device from Project Fi, will it work with other wireless providers?
    Yes. Any device you get from Project Fi comes unlocked and can be used with other wireless providers if you choose to leave our service.
  • What's the difference between the Android One Moto X4 and other versions of the Moto X4?
    The Android One Moto X4 is available exclusively through Project Fi. To ensure the best possible user experience, we recommend purchasing the device from Project Fi. You can learn more about Android One here.

    However, users also have the option to purchase other versions of the Moto X4 the device from other retail channels and sign up for service from Project Fi.
  • What happens if the device that I purchased from Project Fi does not work properly, or if I break the device?
    Any device you purchase from Project Fi is under manufacturer’s warranty for one year following purchase of the device. If your new phone is defective and you report it within this time period, Project Fi will replace the phone at no cost.

    Project Fi also offers device protection for devices purchased from Project Fi. With device protection, you can quickly get your phone replaced in the event of accidental damage (including drops, cracks, and spills), or mechanical breakdown (beyond the 1-year manufacturer’s warranty period). If you purchase a device from Project Fi, you can enroll it in device protection during checkout or within 30 days of when the device ships. For more details, visit our Help Center.
  • Can I finance multiple devices?
    Yes. If you're already a Fi subscriber looking to finance additional devices, so long as you have enough remaining credit to finance the extra devices. You can find your credit line amount in your Fi account, or when you go through the checkout process.
  • When will Project Fi support other smartphones?
    All variations of Pixel & Pixel 2, Moto X4, Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X and Nexus 6 support Project Fi’s network of networks. We currently only support these devices.
  • Is Project Fi offering and special device promotions at this time?
    Yes. For a limited time, you can earn a free Google Home Mini with your Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL pre-order. Terms apply.

Plan and Pricing



Other Questions


  • How does Project Fi trade-in work?
    You can trade in your device at any time when purchasing a new device. If you finance a new device or your trade-in value exceeds your purchase amount, you will get the remaining balance in Project Fi service credit.

    If you're buying a new device, you can get an estimate for your current phone value and order a trade-in kit when you purchase your new device. Shipping is free, and you'll receive your credit card refund once we've confirmed your device condition.
  • When and how will I receive my trade-in credits?
    You can expect to receive your trade-in credits in the form of a credit card refund within 5 days of device inspection or in the form of Fi credits on your next billing statement.
  • Can I trade in multiple devices?
    Yes, but you can only trade in one phone per order. You will need to place multiple orders.

Group Plan

  • How do I sign-up for a Group Plan?
    If you’re new to Project Fi you can set-up a Group Plan during your checkout process. Just have the intended plan owner click “Join Fi” above to get started.

    If you’re already a part of Project Fi you can invite people to your plan through here.
  • What happens if I already have a Project Fi account and accept an invitation to join someone’s Group Plan?
    Once you accept the invite we’ll automatically close your old account and move your number over. Your service will not be interrupted. You’ll still be able to view your old account & bills by clicking “View previous account” on your account page.

    You can continue your device protection in the new account (or cancel at any time). If you are financing a device, you must pay it off in its entirety before joining a Group Plan.
  • How much does a Group Plan cost?
    Just like with individual plans, at the start of every month you’ll pay for Fi Basics, and your data allowance. With Group Plans, each additional member will be charged $15 for Fi Basics. The plan owner will be charged $20. Data costs the same $10/GB with credits for what you don’t use.
  • How old do you have to be to join a Group Plan?
    In order to own a group plan you must be at least 18 years old. People 13+ can join as members. Both members and owners must have consumer Google accounts to join.
  • Can Group Plan members finance a device or sign-up for device protection?
    Anyone aged 18 or older is able to purchase a device. Group Plan owners are the only ones eligible to finance devices or enroll them in device protection through Project Fi. Group Plan owners are eligible to finance multiple devices.
  • Can I give my old Nexus to a member of my group?
    Yes, you’ll need to activate your new phone before giving your old phone away. Once you do so, anyone is able to activate the old phone on Fi.
  • How many people can be in a group?
    You can have up to six people, including the group owner, in a group.
  • What is the Add a Member promotion?
    From June 19, 2017 – July 17, 2017, Project Fi plan owners will receive a $35 credit when they add a new Project Fi subscriber to their group plan. New members must activate by July 17, 2017 and remain active for 30 days to qualify. Once the new member has been active for 30 days, plan owners will see the $35 credit on their next Project Fi bill.

Talk and Text

Wi-Fi Connections and Calls

Project Fi Travel Trolley

  • What’s the deal with the Project Fi Travel Trolley?
    Travel is a big part of the Project Fi experience. With coverage in 135+ countries and territories at no extra cost, and with access to over 1 million Wi-Fi hotspots across the United States, we aim to make staying connected while on the move as seamless as possible.

    With the Project Fi Travel Trolley, we’re hoping to make traveling just a little more pleasant by providing travel-related goodies at the airport. Keep an eye out for a Travel Trolley at the following airports:

    • PHL, Terminal F, just prior to the first gate
    • ORD, Terminal 3, between concourse K and H
    • MDW, Terminal 1, between Gate A5 & A3
    • SJC, Terminal B, across from Gate 25
    • MSP, Terminal 1, Concourse G
    • SEA, Concourse D, next to Gate D1
    • LGA, Terminal B, Concourse A, Level 2
    • BWI, Terminal D, next to Gate D4

    When you use the Travel Trolley, make sure to share your experience on Twitter using “#FlyWithFi”. Our favorite wins a Pixel phone. See details and terms.

    While the Project Fi Travel Trolley will always provide goodies for subscribers, we’re also giving non-subscribers a chance to redeem a gift through our Fi Travel Trivia game. Make sure to give it a shot next time you see a Travel Trolley.

    For more information on the Project Fi Travel Trolley, check out our Help Center article.

Project Fi Referral Program

  • What is the Project Fi referral program?
    The Project Fi referral program rewards Project Fi users for sharing Project Fi with their friends.

    Project Fi users can earn and share Project Fi service credits with up to 10 referrals. Both new and existing members will earn the $20 service credits applied to their next bill once the new member has been active for 30 days.

    Any Project Fi member can make a referral. Terms and conditions apply.
  • Where can I find my custom Project Fi referral link and referral status?
    You can easily locate and share your Project Fi referral link in the "Share the Fi Love" section of your account. You can share your custom link anywhere you like, including email, social media, or text.

    Below your referral link, you’ll also be able to see a list of your referrals and how many referral credits you’ve earned.
  • Can I refer a group plan member?
    While the Fi referral credit applies to new users who join Project Fi as group plan owners, the credit does not apply to new users who join another Project Fi user’s group plan. Instead, the Fi Basics cost for additional group plan members is automatically discounted every month to $15.

Fi Referral Challenge: Race to Google HQ

  • What was the Race to Google HQ?
    The Race to Google HQ was our first ever Fi Referral Challenge and a special part of the Fi referral program.

    The contest ran from July 25, 2017 through September 25, 2017. During the contest period, participating Project Fi users could earn special prizes for their referrals on top of our standard $20 Fi referral credit per referral.

    While the Race to Google HQ has ended, you can opt in to receive updates on future Fi Referral Challenges and other Project Fi updates here.
  • When will I receive my Race to Google HQ prizes?
    You can expect to receive your Google Play credit within 3 weeks after your two qualifying referrals have been active with Project Fi for 30 days.

    The Fi weekender bag will be shipped at the end of the referral challenge to qualifying participants by November 2017.

    Our top 3 winners will be finalized by November 2017. The trip to Mountain View will take place in 2018.

    Contest terms can be found here.


  • What is an eSIM?
    An eSIM is an embedded SIM that lets you set up your connection on screen the moment you power on your new device. With eSIM, you can set your phone up with the tap of a button—no physical SIM card required.

    Project Fi is currently piloting eSIM, so the option to set up your new Pixel with eSIM appears only in Pixel 2s purchased from the Project Fi website and Google Store in the US. Simply power up your Pixel 2 and set aside your SIM card to begin setup with Project Fi. If you would rather not use Project Fi’s eSIM, you can insert a physical SIM card at any time and set up your phone as you normally would.
  • Can I still use Project Fi on a Pixel 2 purchased outside of Project Fi or Google Store?
    Yes. If you’re already a Project Fi subscriber, you can activate Project Fi service using eSIM by downloading the Project Fi app.
  • I'm not a Project Fi subscriber. Can I try eSIM with my own carrier?
    If you are using Pixel 2 with any other carrier, you will need to use a physical SIM card. We are piloting eSIM technology with Project Fi to start. In the future, we hope to expand support to other partners.

Project Fi and the IRC

Fi Referral Challenge: Fi it Forward

  • What is Fi it Forward referral challenge?
    Fi it Forward is a special referral challenge within Project Fi’s referral program. The challenge will run from November 17, 2017 through December 17, 2017. During the challenge period, participating Project Fi users will earn special prizes for their referrals on top of our standard $20 Fi referral credit per referral.

    With the season for giving just around the corner, Project Fi will also be donating $50,000 to the Information Technology Disaster Resource Center (ITDRC) to support disaster relief in the US, empowering technology professionals to connect communities in crisis. You don’t have to make a referral to be a part of this initiative. Project Fi users are supporting this gift to the ITDRC just by being a part of the Project Fi community.

    During the challenge period, members can earn referral credits for up to 25 referrals.

    Challenge terms can be found here.
  • What gifts can I win in the challenge?
    Challenge gifts include:

    2 referrals

    Google Chromecast + standard $40 Fi credit

    7 referrals

    Android One Moto X4 + standard $140 Fi credit

    You can view the live challenge leaderboard and additional details at

    Your referrals will be eligible for prizes after they have signed up for Project Fi and remained active for 30 days.
  • How can I enter the Fi it Forward challenge?
    You’ll need to be a Fi user to join a Fi Referral Challenge. To enter the Fi it Forward challenge, simply visit the “Share the Fi love” section of your account and click the “Enter challenge” button to opt in to the challenge. Once you’ve opted in to the challenge, we’ll start tracking your referrals from November 17, 2017 onwards toward your prize eligibility.