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Have questions about Google Fi Wireless?

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What is Google Fi Wireless?

Google Fi Wireless is a telecommunications service by Google, offering flexible, secure phone plans built to help families stay connected.

What is the Google Fi Wireless customer service number?

The number for Google Fi Wireless customer service is 1-844-TALK-2-FI.

Can I transfer my Google Voice number to Google Fi Wireless?

You can have separate Google Fi Wireless and Google Voice numbers on the same Google account and set up call forwarding between them. To set up call forwarding, visit your Google Voice settings page. For additional information on using your Google Voice number, please visit the Google Voice help center.

Can I refer a friend to Google Fi Wireless?

Yes, you can refer a friend.

The Google Fi Wireless referral program rewards any Google Fi Wireless members for sharing Google Fi Wireless with their friends, up to 10 referrals. Both new and existing members will earn $20 in service credits applied to their next bill once the new member has been active for 30 days. To be eligible for credit, a new member must create a new Google Fi plan. The credit does not apply to new members who join as a member of an existing Fi plan.

You can easily locate and share your Google Fi Wireless referral link in the "Share the Fi Love" section of your account. You can share your custom link anywhere you like, including email, social media, or text.

Terms and conditions apply.

Joining Fi
How do I join Google Fi Wireless?

To join Google Fi Wireless, go to

Can I bring my number to Google Fi Wireless?

Yes, you can bring your current personal number with you to Google Fi or take it with you if you leave. Because some carriers do not allow you to take your number, we'll check if you can transfer it when you sign up.

Your phone number transfer will start once you activate service on your phone. Most transfers take less than 15 minutes. Very few transfers take more than one day.

If you're on a family plan, transferring your number may impact the other people still on the plan. We recommend calling your carrier to check.

You can also activate Google Fi Wireless service with a new number first, and then bring your number later. You can get a new number when you activate Google Fi Wireless, and see your number in the Account tab of the Fi app or website. When you're ready to bring your current number over, go to the "Manage device" section of your Google Fi Wireless app. You'll see a link that says "Transfer a number to Fi." Tap on that link to start bringing your number to Fi (it will replace the new number you got at activation).

How do I switch to Google Fi Wireless and what do I do with my current wireless service?

To join Google Fi Wireless, go to If you want to end your service with your current wireless provider after you switch to Google Fi, you will need to contact your current wireless provider after you activate your Google Fi Wireless account.

How do I know if my phone will work on Google Fi Wireless?

Most iPhone® and Android phones will work with Google Fi Wireless. You can buy a new phone from Fi or a SIM kit for your existing compatible device.

Check your phone's compatibility.

Can I sign up for Google Fi Wireless today and add members to my plan later?

Absolutely! You can have up to 6 people on a plan. Just follow these 3 easy steps to add a member:

  1. Go to or your Google Fi app.
  2. Select Account and then Manage Plan and then Add a Person.
  3. You'll get an email when individuals join your group.
How old do you have to be to join Google Fi Wireless?

To be a group plan owner, you must be at least 18 years old. People under 18 can join as a group plan member. People under 13 must join with a Google Account managed by Family Link. Learn more at Family Link or see how to add a child to your account.

Pixel Pass
What's included in Pixel Pass?

Pixel Pass is an all-in-one subscription from Google that includes access to the latest phones, extra storage, ad-free YouTube, and more. Pixel Pass includes:

  1. The latest Pixel phone
  2. Hassle-free repairs and replacements for accidental damage, mechanical/electrical failure, and loss or theft (conditions apply for NY residents) with device protection.
  3. Automatic phone backups and 200 GB of cloud storage with Google One
  4. Ad-free YouTube videos and non-stop music streaming with YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium
  5. Access to hundreds of games and apps—without ads or in-app purchases—with Google Play Pass
  6. Access to Google Store offers throughout your subscription

When you subscribe to Pixel Pass as a Google Fi member, you also save $5 on your monthly Fi phone plan.

Can I cancel my Pixel Pass subscription?

You can cancel Pixel Pass at any time.

If your plans change within the first 15 days after your Pixel phone is delivered, you can cancel your subscription and send the phone back for no charge.

If you cancel after that, your subscription ends after the current billing cycle, and you just pay off the remainder of your phone cost at regular price.

For example, if you subscribe to Pixel Pass with your Pixel phone and cancel your subscription after 12 months — halfway through a 24-month term — you'll only need to pay off the remaining half of your Pixel cost at regular price, plus applicable taxes.

If you cancel your Pixel Pass subscription, you'll lose access to Google One, Google Play Pass, and YouTube Premium, and your device protection service contract will end.

How do I access the Google services included in Pixel Pass?

Once you subscribe to Pixel Pass and your Pixel phone ships, your Google services turn on automatically, and you can enjoy them on any platform where they're available — just sign into the Google Account you used to subscribe to Pixel Pass.

What if I need more cloud storage from Google One?

Pixel Pass includes Google One with 200 GB of cloud storage. If you need more, you can upgrade your Google One plan after subscribing to Pixel Pass to get up to 30 TB of storage, along with extra benefits. The difference between the new and old plans will be added to your monthly Pixel Pass payments.

Can I share the Google services included in Pixel Pass with my family?

Pixel Pass subscribers can share their Google One or Play Pass access with up to 5 additional family members at no extra cost (so 6 people total, including you).

If you're already sharing Google One or Play Pass access when you subscribe to Pixel Pass, your sharing setup will be carried over seamlessly.

YouTube Family Plans are not available with Pixel Pass subscriptions at this time.

Where can I manage my Pixel Pass subscription?

You can find and manage details of your Pixel Pass subscription within your Fi account.

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