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Save up to $280 over 2 years

Meet Pixel Pass.
Google services and a Pixel, all in one.

One easy subscription includes a new Pixel phone with device protection, cloud storage, ad-free videos, music, and games. Starting at $37/month, plus the cost of your Fi plan. Terms apply

Starting at $37/month, Pixel Pass includes

The latest Pixel

Get a new Pixel phone, plus a chance to upgrade every two years.

YouTube Premium

Watch ad-free videos – even when you're offline or using other apps.

YouTube Music Premium

Stream your favorite songs, albums and playlists, uninterrupted.

Device protection

Protect your phone against
damage, loss, and theft.

Google One

Back up your phone, and safely store up to 200 GB in the cloud.

Google Play Pass

Enjoy hundreds of games and apps without ads or in-app purchases.

Plus, get $5/month off your Google Fi plan

With Pixel Pass on Fi, you'll choose a monthly Fi plan. Whether you want to pay for the data you use or prefer our unlimited data plans, you'll get a $5 discount each month.

How it works

1. Choose a Fi plan

Compare our phone plans and choose the one that fits you best.

2. Choose your Pixel

Pick from two great phones that both work with Pixel Pass.

3. Subscribe to Pixel Pass

Maximize the value you get from your phone and Google services.

Choose a great Pixel phone

Pixel 6a

Meet Pixel 6a, the more affordable Google phone that adapts to you. Powered by Google Tensor, it's super fast and secure, with an amazing battery and camera.

Save up to $280 over 2 years.
See details
Pixel 6a Camera
12.2 MP wide + 12 MP ultrawide
6.1” display
FHD+Smooth Display up to 60 Hz
Up to 24-hour battery life
Fast charging
6 GB RAM memory
128GB Storage

A few more nuts and bolts

Set up within 30 days
Activate your phone on Fi within 30 days of shipment to avoid canceling your Pixel Pass subscription. Learn more
Accessing your included services
When your phone ships, you'll automatically get Youtube Premium, YouTube Music Premium, Google One storage, Google Play Pass, and device protection. The best part? You'll just have one simple bill. Learn more
Canceling your subscription
Changed your mind? No worries. Cancel anytime with no contracts or fees. You'll always have the option to keep your Google services without Pixel Pass. Learn more

Frequently asked questions

Pixel Pass is an all-in-one subscription from Google that includes access to the latest phones, extra storage, ad-free YouTube, and more. Pixel Pass includes:

  1. The latest Pixel phone, with the option to upgrade to a new Pixel after 2 years
  2. Hassle-free repairs and replacements for accidental damage, mechanical/electrical failure, and loss or theft (
    conditions apply
    for NY residents) with device protection.
  3. Automatic phone backups and 200 GB of cloud storage with Google One
  4. Ad-free YouTube videos and non-stop music streaming with YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium
  5. Access to hundreds of games and apps—without ads or in-app purchases—with Google Play Pass
  6. Access to Google Store offers throughout your subscription

When you subscribe to Pixel Pass on Google Fi, you also save $5 off your monthly Fi phone plan.

If you're already a Google Fi member, you can get Pixel Pass on Fi and you'll automatically start saving $5 per month on your Fi phone plan.

If you're already subscribed to Google One (100 GB plan or 200 GB plan) or Play Pass through Google, you don't need to cancel those subscriptions when you subscribe to Pixel Pass. Your existing subscriptions with Google will be canceled automatically when your Pixel device ships and you're first billed for Pixel Pass.

If you're already a YouTube Premium subscriber or subscribed to a Google One plan higher than 200 GB, you'll need to manually cancel your YouTube Premium subscription or downgrade your Google One plan before you can subscribe to Pixel Pass. When you subscribe to Pixel Pass, your YouTube Premium service will be reinstated, with your music library and playlists carried over seamlessly.

If you're already subscribed to one of the services included in Pixel Pass through another company, such as a network carrier or third party retailer, you'll need to contact them to cancel your subscription if you want to avoid paying for that subscription and Pixel Pass at the same time.

When you subscribe to Pixel Pass on Fi, you save $5 off your monthly Fi phone plan. This benefit will show up on your next bill cycle after subscribing to Pixel Pass.

You also get a way to view and manage your bill for your mobile phone plan, Pixel phone, and Google services, all in one place.

You can upgrade to a new Pixel phone every 2 years. After 24 monthly payments, you fully own your phone. At that time, you decide if you want to stay subscribed to Pixel Pass and receive the next available device as an upgrade.

You can cancel Pixel Pass at any time.

If your plans change within the first 15 days after your Pixel phone is delivered, you can cancel your subscription and send the phone back for no charge.

If you cancel after that, your subscription ends after the current billing cycle, and you just pay off the remainder of your phone cost at regular price.

For example, if you subscribe to Pixel Pass with your Pixel phone and cancel your subscription after 12 months — halfway through a 24-month term — you'll only need to pay off the remaining half of your Pixel cost at regular price, plus applicable taxes.

If you cancel your Pixel Pass subscription, you'll lose access to Google One, Google Play Pass, and YouTube Premium, and your device protection service contract will end.

Once you subscribe to Pixel Pass and your Pixel phone ships, your Google services turn on automatically, and you can enjoy them on any platform where they're available — just sign into the Google Account you used to subscribe to Pixel Pass.

Pixel Pass includes Google One with 200 GB of cloud storage. If you need more, you can upgrade your Google One plan after subscribing to Pixel Pass to get up to 30 TB of storage, along with extra benefits. The difference between the new and old plans will be added to your monthly Pixel Pass payments.

Pixel Pass subscribers can share their Google One or Play Pass access with up to 5 additional family members at no extra cost (so 6 people total, including you).

If you're already sharing Google One or Play Pass access when you subscribe to Pixel Pass, your sharing setup will be carried over seamlessly.

YouTube Family Plans are not available with Pixel Pass subscriptions at this time.

To verify your eligibility for Pixel Pass, we'll need to run a credit check. To run the credit check, we'll ask you to validate your name, address, and Social Security number during checkout. The credit check takes just a few seconds.

You can find and manage details of your Pixel Pass subscription, such as device information and upgrade timeline, within your Fi account.

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