The basics, and then some

Our plan starts with the Fi Basics for $20 per month. Group plans let you add friends and family for $15 per month.

Unlimited domestic<br>talk and text

Unlimited domestic
talk and text

Unlimited international texting

Unlimited international texting

Use your phone as a<br> Wi-Fi hotspot

Use your phone as a
Wi-Fi hotspot

Calls and texts across<br>your devices

Calls and texts across
your devices

Free data-only<br>SIM card

Free data-only
SIM card

Get credited for the data
you don’t use

You should never pay for something you don’t use. So if you’re under your monthly data allotment, we credit the money back to your account. And if you’re over, there are no penalties, you get charged at the same rate of $10 per GB. Simple.

And if you want to add people to your plan, it’s simple

Group Plans let you easily add up to five people to your plan at $15 per month each. You can manage your account, keep track of data usage, and pay your bill all from one place. Data is the same $10 per GB rate for everyone.

Your plan automatically works internationally

Pay $10/GB like you<br> do at home.

Pay $10/GB like you
do at home.

Access to high-speed<br> data, from wherever.

Access to high-speed
data, from wherever.

Works in<br> 135+ countries and territories.

Works in
135+ countries and territories.

That means 135 countries and territories of seamless uninterrupted coverage

No calling ahead, no extra plans to buy. You get the same high-speed coverage at the same price. One less thing for you to think about.

Supported countries
That means 135 countries and territories of seamless uninterrupted coverage