All the bells and whistles without the nickels and dimes

Fi Basics: $20/mo
Unlimited domestic calls & texts with 24/7 support
Data: $10/GB
Credit for unused data and no overage fees — ever
Add people: $15/mo each
Add up to 5 people and share your data plan
Get credit for unused data
Get credited back for data you didn’t use each month
Add your tablet for free
Use data on another device for the same $10/GB with a data-only SIM
Surf & text abroad at your home rate
Enjoy the same data rates and free unlimited texts abroad
No early termination fees
Cancel anytime at no extra cost

Never pay for data you don’t use

We credit the money for data you don’t use to your next statement. If you use more than planned, you pay the same $10/GB with no overage fees.

Build your own Project Fi plan

Feel free to play around with this to see how much your Fi plan might cost.

Number of people on your plan
Just you {{planBuilderCtrl.numberOfPeople}}
Select your monthly data plan {{planBuilderCtrl.expectedDataUsage}} GB
See what happens if you use more or less data {{planBuilderCtrl.actualDataUsage}} GB
Fi Basics for {{planBuilderCtrl.numberOfPeople}} (unlimited calls & texts)
Fi Basics includes:
  • Unlimited US calls & texts
  • Unlimited international texting in 135+ countries & territories
  • Wi-Fi tethering to use your phone as a hotspot
  • 24/7 chat, phone, & email support
Our plans start with Fi Basics for $20/mo. You can add others to your plan for $15/mo per person.
{{planBuilderCtrl.basePlan|currency: "$" : 0}}
{{planBuilderCtrl.expectedDataUsage}} GB of data
{{planBuilderCtrl.dataPlan|currency: "$" : 0}}
Credit for {{planBuilderCtrl.unusedData}} GB unused data Cost of {{-planBuilderCtrl.unusedData}} GB additional data
{{planBuilderCtrl.creditDiscount|currency: "$" : 0}} {{-planBuilderCtrl.creditDiscount|currency: "$" : 0}}
Monthly total:
{{| currency: "$" : 0}}/mo
Not including taxes & fees
Taxes & fees depend on the state and county you live in, and can vary over time due to rate changes. Project Fi doesn’t add hidden fees to your statements.

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Use data abroad like you would at home

Works in<br> 135+ countries & territories

Works in
135+ countries & territories

Pay the same rate of $10/GB

Pay the same rate of $10/GB

Unlimited texts and low-cost calls abroad

Unlimited texts and low-cost calls abroad

Enjoy seamless coverage in 135 countries and territories

Going places? Your plan goes with you automatically — with low voice rates, free texting, and the same data rate you pay at home.

See supported countries
Enjoy seamless coverage in 135 countries and territories