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Explore the perfect phone plan for back to school

Tune in for the next back to school season for deals on hand-picked phones for students.

The perfect plan for heading back to school

If the subject is International Affairs, Connectivity, Cloud Storage or Entertainment, our Unlimited Plus plan gets an A+.

Invite all your devices

Unlimited Plus includes connectivity (data, calls, and texts) for select smartwatches and tablets for no extra charge. You can also use your phone as a portable Wi-Fi hotspot to stay productive wherever you are.

Always have a backup

Make sure everything from important assignments to photos with friends are there when you need them. Unlimited Plus comes with 100 GB of Google One cloud storage so you can keep your files and memories safe with more storage and seamless phone backup.

Balance work and play

Enjoy your favorite videos and music ad-free, offline and in the background with YouTube Premium. Get 6 months of YouTube Premium on us with the Unlimited Plus plan and get excited for uninterrupted tutorials, study music and ASMR mukbangs.

Learn at home and abroad

All plans include coverage in the US, Canada and Mexico. But Unlimited Plus also comes with data in 200+ international destinations and 5G in select countries for supported phones.

Safety features for back to school (and beyond)

Fi helps you give your kids independence without sacrificing safety. Location sharing, spam blocking, contact controls and more are included with every plan and can be managed in the Fi app.

Keep track of your family

People on your family's phone plan can choose to share their real-time location with each other in the Google Fi app. Location can be shared for a set time or indefinitely.

Protect your family's safety online

Set up Google Family Link from the Fi app on your child's Android phone to set screen time limits, review apps before they're downloaded and more.

Block calls and texts from strangers

All of the phones we've recommended for back to school allow you to turn on contact controls. This means that only trusted numbers can call or text your kids.

Help protect your family from spammers

When you turn on spam blocking, your phones won't ring when a number we identify as spam calls you.

Frequently asked questions

No need to raise your hand. If you have a question, we have an answer for you here.
What's included in the Google Fi Wireless back-to-school deals?

Google Fi Wireless deals are not dedicated to the back-to-school time period so you can take advantage of many of the same offers well into the school year. But right now, we're featuring three phones that are perfect for students due to battery life, storage, screen size and more.

What study abroad phone plans does Google Fi Wireless offer?

Google Fi Wireless offers international coverage for short-term travel outside of the United States with the Unlimited Plus plan. This plan is perfect for maintaining connection with family and friends back home while you transition to your new life abroad. Make sure to purchase a local SIM card and wireless service within the first month of living abroad as our service only works abroad for about 90 days. Learn more here.

What type of phone financing does Google Fi Wireless provide?

Google Fi Wireless offers financing for a new phone in monthly installments with no down payments, interest, or fees. A credit check is required for eligibility.

Do I need a promo code to access Google Fi Wireless back-to-school deals?

You do not need a promo code to access Google Fi Wireless back-to-school deals.

How do I stay up to date on Google Fi Wireless back-to-school deals?

To stay up to date on Google Fi Wireless back-to-school deals, subscribe to Google Fi email updates (sign up at the bottom of this page). You'll be the first to hear about the newest promotions, exclusive deals on phones, plan updates and more.

What benefits does Google Fi Wireless have for students?

Google Fi Wireless has affordable phones for the whole family and unlimited phone plans with benefits like Google One storage (included with Unlimited Plus), free connectivity with select smartwatches and tablets, and a portable Wi-Fi hotspot to keep you connected on the go.

Do I need to have a Google Fi Wireless account to purchase a phone?

No, you don't need to already be a Google Fi subscriber to purchase a phone. Select from a range of devices when you sign up and activate service. Learn more details about purchasing a phone and signing up for Google Fi here.

How can Google One cloud storage help with schoolwork?

Google One Cloud storage can help ensure all important assignments are safe with more storage and seamless phone backup.

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Requires active Fi service during the 6-month period. Automatic renewal of YouTube Premium subscription at the monthly subscription rate (currently $13.99) after the 6-month period, and is cancellable at any time. Terms apply

Blocks spam known to Google; may not detect all spam calls.

Location sharing requires Google Maps app.

Contact controls available on Android phones.

Android is a registered trademark of Google LLC. iPhone® is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc.


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