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Plan and pricing
What is unique about Google Fi phone plans?

Fi plans are designed to fit your data usage. You can go unlimited or choose to pay only for the data you use—all without contracts or hidden fees. No matter which plan you choose, you get great coverage, privacy and security features that protect your personal information, and family features that help your family stay safer on their phones and build healthy digital habits. You can make calls to other countries at little to no additional cost, and get international texting from the US included free. You'll also get data, calls, and texts within the US, Canada, and Mexico included on all plans. On Flexible and Unlimited Plus, you're covered with international data in 200+ destinations at no extra charge.

How much does a Google Fi plan cost and what's included?

It depends on which plan you choose.

Simply Unlimited is our most affordable plan for unlimited data, calls, and texts, at $20/month per line for four or more lines. It also comes with unlimited texts from the US to other countries, unlimited data, calls, and texts within the US, Canada and Mexico, plus 5 GB of high-speed hotspot tethering at no extra charge.

Unlimited Plus comes packed with premium features. For $40/month per line for four or more lines, it comes with all the same features as Simply Unlimited, plus international calls to 50+ destinations, and international data abroad in 200+ destinations. You also get 100 GB of cloud storage with Google One, unlimited high-speed hotspot tethering, and can use your mobile data on tablets and other compatible devices with data-only SIM cards at no extra charge.

If you use less data or often rely on Wi-Fi, the Flexible plan can help you save. On the Flexible plan, you only pay by the GB for the data you use–down to the cent. It's $17/month per line for four lines for unlimited calls and texts, plus $10/GB for data at home and abroad in 200+ destinations. You can also use your mobile data on tablets and other compatible devices with data-only SIM cards at no extra charge.

Lines Simply Unlimited Unlimited Plus Flexible
1 $50/line $65/line $20.00/line + $10/GB
2 $40/line $55/line $17.50/line + $10/GB
3 $25/line $45/line $16.67/line + $10/GB
4 $20/line $40/line $16.25/line + $10/GB
5 $20/line $40/line $16.00/line + $10/GB
6 $20/line $40/line $15.84/line + $10/GB
What does calls and texts include?

On Fi, you always get unlimited domestic calls and texts, unlimited texts to other countries, and affordable calls to other countries. Plus, you'll also get calls and texts within the US, Canada and Mexico included for free.

How much are monthly taxes going to cost?

Taxes and government surcharges vary by service address, but are normally between 10-20%. For example, if your monthly bill is $40, the taxes on your statement could be between $4-8.

Are there any annual contract or termination fees with Google Fi?

No, there's no annual service contract when you sign up. We also don't charge fees if you leave Google Fi. If you buy a new device when you sign up for Google Fi and choose to pay for your device over time, the remaining monthly payments on your device are due if you leave.

Can I pause my plan?

Yes, you can suspend or pause your Google Fi service for up to three months. You can easily resume your service at any time. If you haven't resumed service after three months, it will automatically turn back on. Keeping Fi paused for extended periods of time is a violation of our Terms of Service.

On the Flexible plan, should you choose to pause your line, you won't be charged for the days your service is paused. On Simply Unlimited and Unlimited Plus, should you choose to pause your line, you'll be charged through the end of your billing cycle—your bundled benefits, such as Google One, will remain active to avoid disturbing your service.

When will I be billed?

On Simply Unlimited and Unlimited Plus, you'll be billed at the start of your billing cycle. Any additional charges not included in your plan (e.g. calls made abroad and extra high-speed data) will be charged at the end of your billing cycle.

On Flexible, you'll be charged a monthly fee for unlimited calls and texts at the beginning of your billing cycle (i.e. $20 for one individual, $15 for each person after that). You'll be charged for data usage at $10/GB and for any additional charges (e.g. calls made abroad and extra high-speed data) at the end of your billing cycle.

When you get your first bill, you'll only be billed for the people who are already active on your plan. People who activate later will be prorated on the following bill.

Can I switch between plans after I sign up?

Yes. To match your data needs, you can switch plans once a month, as many times as you want. If you're switching from Simply Unlimited to Unlimited Plus, the switch will take effect immediately. For all other switches, changes will take effect at the start of your next billing cycle. Everyone in a group plan must be on the same Fi plan, so a plan switch affects everyone in the group. Only the group plan owner can initiate a plan switch for their group.

Can people in a group plan be on different Fi plans?

No, everyone within a group must be on the same Google Fi plan: Flexible, Simply Unlimited, or Unlimited Plus. But the group plan owner can choose to switch the group between plans anytime.

Does Google Fi offer plans for groups or families?

Yes. If you're new to Google Fi, you can set up a group plan during your checkout process. Just have the intended plan owner click "Join Fi" to get started. Each member in your family must be on the same Fi plan: Fi Unlimited or Fi Flexible.

If you're already a part of Google Fi you can invite people to your plan here. You can have up to six people, including the group owner, in a group.

All Fi plans come with family features that make it easier to keep your family safer on their phones and create healthy digital habits, at no extra cost. You can create a data budget to decide how much data your child can use before their data is slowed down. You can also know where your family is when they're on the go with location sharing in the Fi app. If your child uses an Android phone, you can block calls and texts from strangers and set up Family Link to set digital ground rules.

Does Google Fi offer family features for parents?

Yes. Family features come included in all Fi plans at no extra cost.

As a parent on Fi, you can create a data budget to decide how much data your child can use before it slows down. You can also know where your family is when they're on the go with location sharing in the Fi app.

If your child uses an Android phone, you can also choose to only allow phone numbers on their contact list to call, text, and leave voicemails. You can also easily set up Family Link from the Fi app to set digital ground rules, including content filters, screen time limits, and more.

How can I use Family Link with Google Fi?

If your child uses an Android phone, you can set certain digital ground rules for your child at no additional cost by using Google Family Link. Fi makes it easy to get started with guided set up from the Fi app. When you set up Family Link for your child's account, you can guide them as they learn, play and explore online -- including managing your child's apps, keeping an eye on their screen time, remotely locking their device, and more. Learn more.

You can also easily manage your child's account by setting data alerts and data limits in the Google Fi app.

Are all standard message types supported?

Yes, we support all standard messaging types, including SMS, MMS, shortcodes, and group texting.

For iPhone®, while iMessage will work out of the box, you'll need to update your iPhone® MMS settings to send and receive texts to and from Android phones. We'll walk you through this when you set up your phone, and you may have to update these settings when you get a new version of iOS.

Does it cost extra to use my phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot?

On Flexible, Simply Unlimited and Unlimited Plus, Google Fi does not charge any extra fees to use your phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot. You can use your phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot to share your data with any Wi-Fi-compatible device. That data will count toward your monthly usage. If you're on Simply Unlimited, you can use up to 5 GB of hotspot tethering.

What is the video streaming quality on my plan?

Google Fi's goal is to optimize all streaming video. On Flexible, video streams at the rate determined by you and the application provider. On Simply Unlimited or Unlimited Plus, Fi attempts to optimize video by streaming at up to 480p (standard definition). Video from some content providers may not be automatically optimized on Simply Unlimited and Unlimited Plus. If you're a content provider and your video service is not automatically optimized, please contact us at

What if an individual on my plan needs significant amounts of high speed data?

If you use more than 15 GB of data on Flexible, more than 35 GB on Simply Unlimited, or more than 50 GB on Unlimited Plus in a cycle, you'll experience slower speeds (256 kbps) above those respective data thresholds until your next billing cycle begins. For reference, only 1% of Fi users ever hit 35 GB in a cycle.

If you need significant amounts of high-speed data, you can opt to pay $10/GB for the data you use past the data threshold for your plan in a given cycle (15 GB for Flexible, 35 GB for Simply Unlimited, or 50 GB for Unlimited Plus).

These data thresholds are based on individual data usage, not group data usage.

Can I pay to have high-speed data after hitting the data threshold?

Yes. Data speeds may be slower after an individual surpasses 15 GB of data usage on Flexible, 35 GB on Simply Unlimited, or 50 GB on Unlimited Plus. After hitting the threshold, you can pay to have high-speed data at a rate of $10/GB. Group plan owners can make this change in the Fi app or on desktop for any person in their group; non-group plan owners cannot initiate the change on their own.

What is Google One?

Google One is a membership that helps you get more out of Google. You can get more space for everything with 100 GB of cloud storage, as well as extra benefits to give you full peace of mind, such as automatic phone backup (including original quality photos and videos, messages and more), premium support and family sharing. As a member, you'll also get perks like discounts on Google products.

Unlimited Plus includes a Google One membership with 100 GB of cloud storage for each eligible member at no extra cost. Once you activate on Fi, your Google One membership will take effect automatically. If you're already a paying Google One member and you subscribe to Unlimited Plus, your Google One membership will be discounted by $1.99/month.

Please note that some types of email accounts aren't eligible for Google One and automatic phone backup is limited to Android devices.

What happens to my Google One membership if I cancel my Fi plan?

If you cancel or switch out of Unlimited Plus, your Google One membership will be canceled after 7 days. After 7 days, you and the people on your group plan (if family sharing is enabled) will lose access to your extra storage and member benefits. Each person will keep the default 15 GB of storage available to every Google user. If you're using more than 15 GB of storage, all your files will stay safe, but you won't be able to store anything new. Learn more here.

But don't worry, you can re-activate your Google One membership at with plans starting at $1.99/mo.

What is Google Fi's Bill Protection?

Bill Protection is a feature built into the Fi Flexible plan that offers a way to save money. Here's how it works:

Data costs $10 for each GB used, until Bill Protection kicks in at a data threshold that depends on the number of people on your plan. After that, data is free for the rest of your billing cycle.

If you use 1.4 GB of data in a month, you'll pay just $14 for data. And if you're an individual plan owner who has used 10 GB of data, you'll never pay more than $60 for data.

If you use more than 15 GB of data in a cycle (less than 1% of individual Fi users as of Jan. 2018), you'll experience slower speeds above 15 GB with Bill Protection. You can opt out of slower speeds by paying for $10/GB any individual data used above 15 GB in a billing cycle.

Here's how it works for different group sizes:

Plan size Data Maximum data cost
1 person 6 GB $80
2 people 10 GB $135
3 people 12 GB $170
4 people 14 GB $205
5 people 16 GB $240
6 people 18 GB $275
Does international data qualify for Bill Protection?

Yes. Data used in the United States and any other covered country or territory qualifies for Bill Protection. You can learn more about our international coverage here.

If I use Google Voice, can I use my number with Google Fi?

You can have separate Fi and Voice numbers on the same Google Account and set up call forwarding between them. To set up call forwarding, visit your Google Voice settings page. For additional information on using your Google Voice number, please visit the Google Voice help center.

What is unique about Google Fi's network?

Through technology developed with our partners, phones designed for Fi intelligently switch between multiple mobile networks from T-mobile and U.S Cellular, as well as secure Wi-Fi connections. This means you get access to more cell towers and 4G LTE* in more places. If your phone designed for Fi is 5G-compatible or you bring your own unlocked phone compatible with T-Mobile's 5G network, you'll have access to 5G nationwide on Fi. Phones that aren't designed for Fi are covered by T-Mobile.

Google Fi's network also extends to 200+ countries and territories so you're automatically covered abroad at no extra charge. No setup required -- you can just use your phone as you would at home.

*Due to updates to Fi partner networks and as part of our efforts to continually improve our network and connection speeds, Fi is currently turning down support for 2G and 3G.

Where can I check Google Fi's network coverage?

Network coverage differs for phones designed for Fi and other phones. Learn more about our US coverage and our international coverage.

Can I get 5G on Fi?

Yes. If you purchase a phone designed for Fi that supports 5G, or if you bring an unlocked device compatible with T-Mobile's 5G network, you'll get nationwide 5G included on all Fi plans.

Fi supports the following 5G network capabilities:

mmWave 5G: Provides the fastest 5G speeds. Available in select urban areas.

Standalone 5G: Provides fast coverage in more places. While some 5G networks require 4G network availability to work, standalone 5G networks use 5G technology end-to-end, which means you can access 5G even in areas where 4G is not available.

5G DSDS (Fi dual connect technology): Fi intelligently switches between multiple networks to put you on the best signal available. With Fi dual connect technology on Pixel phones, you can connect to two networks at once — including a 5G network — which means you can switch to the best signal even more quickly and frequently.

Currently, Fi provides international 5G roaming in the following countries and territories for supported Pixel and Samsung phones: Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Kuwait, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, and United Kingdom.

5G coverage for iPhone® is not currently supported on Fi. iPhone® is supported by the Fi 4G network. You can check 5G coverage in your area on our coverage map.

What determines when Google Fi moves me between cellular networks?

You can only move between networks with a phone designed for Fi. When multiple carriers are available, Google Fi will move you to the network that our analysis shows will give you the best Fi experience at your current location, whether that is 5G (for 5G compatible phones), 4G LTE, 3G, or 2G. We're constantly learning and improving, to account for factors such as newly-built towers or newly-available radio frequencies. And if your current network is providing weak or no coverage, we'll adjust in real time to find you a stronger connection.

What is the W+ network?

If you use an Android phone running Android 12 or up, you'll be connected to the W+ network when available. The W+ network uses select secure, high-quality Wi-Fi networks to improve your mobile data connection in places where cell signal has traditionally been low, like certain airports, malls and stadiums. When connected, you'll see "W+" in your network settings and top of your screen.

When you're on the W+ network, your internet traffic is encrypted and private. Data used when connected to W+ will count towards your total Fi data usage and will be charged according to your plan.

You may opt out of being automatically connected to the W+ network at any time. To learn more, visit our Help Center.

How does Google Fi help protect my data when I'm on public Wi-Fi?

If you're on a phone designed for Fi, when Google Fi automatically connects you to a Wi-Fi network, we help protect your data by sending it through a secure connection, known as a Virtual Private Network (VPN). This secure connection protects your data from being looked at by other users on the Wi-Fi network.

Can I make calls over Wi-Fi?

Yes. More detail below:

Phones designed for Fi: Just make sure you're connected to Wi-Fi and make a call like you normally would using the phone dialer.

Phones compatible with Fi (may vary by phone): If you have an Android phone, you can turn on Wi-Fi calling on the "Phone settings" page in the Google Fi app. If you have an iPhone®, you can turn on Wi-Fi calling from the iOS Settings page.

For all phones, if Wi-Fi and cellular networks are available, Fi will route your call over whichever one gives you the best experience. For more information on Wi-Fi calling, please visit our Help Center.

Are Wi-Fi calls free in the US and internationally?

Making calls from the US: If you're calling someone in the US over Wi-Fi, you're not charged extra. If you're calling someone outside of the US, Canada or Mexico, regardless of whether or not you're on Wi-Fi, there's a per-minute charge that varies by country. If you're on Unlimited Plus, calls to 50+ countries & territories are included free. Please check international rates for more information.

Making calls while abroad: If you're making a call while abroad and are not on Wi-Fi, you'll be charged 20¢/min. If you're making a call over Wi-Fi while abroad, then the rates depend on the destination you are calling. Calls to the US are free. Calls to other destinations will be charged at affordable per-minute rates depending on the country.

How much will I pay for making international calls from the US?

It depends on which plan you're on.

Calls to Canada and Mexico are included free on all Fi plans.

On Unlimited Plus, you get free international calls from the US to 50+ countries and territories. For calls to other countries, you'll be charged affordable per-minute rates depending on the countries you're calling.

On Flexible or Simply Unlimited, you'll be charged affordable per-minute rates depending on the countries you're calling.

How do I set up international coverage?

You can use your phone for calls, texts, and data outside the US after you activate your Google Fi account and use Fi in the US (territories not included). You don't need to turn on international coverage each time you travel.

Important: Fi's Terms of Service require you to activate and use Fi service primarily in the United States. You must have active Fi service in the U.S. (not including territories) before you go abroad. If you try to activate Fi abroad or a majority of your usage occurs outside of the United States over a consecutive 90 day period, you may have your international capabilities suspended. Learn more at our Help Center.

How much will I pay for international data coverage?

It depends on which plan you're on.

On Flexible and Unlimited Plus, Fi offers high speed data in over 200+ countries and territories at no extra charge. On Unlimited Plus, this means international data is included. On Flexible, you'll pay the same $10/GB you pay in the U.S. For a list of countries covered by Fi, please see our international rates.

On Simply Unlimited, you get data included in Canada and Mexico. You can also switch to Unlimited Plus anytime to access international data in 200+ destinations.

You must have active Fi service in the US (not including territories) before you go abroad in order to access international coverage. You cannot activate Fi for the first time while abroad.

Can I make calls and texts to another country while I'm traveling?

If you're on Flexible or Unlimited Plus and you travel to one of the 200+ destinations where we have coverage, you can call and text internationally. If you're on Simply Unlimited, you can talk and text in Canada and Mexico. If you're using cell coverage, calls cost 20¢ per minute. If you're calling over Wi-Fi, per-minute costs vary based on which country you're calling, and you're charged only for outbound calls. Please see our international rates for more information.

Can I talk, text, and use data in a country not in the 200+ destinations where Google Fi has data coverage?

No, Google Fi only supports talk, text, and data usage in the 200+ countries and territories where we have coverage. If you're traveling to a country that isn't included, you will need to get a local SIM card for that country for cellular coverage. We do this to protect you from surprise bills in places where we can't provide data at no extra charge, 20¢ per minute calls, and unlimited international texts. However, if you have a phone designed for Fi or a compatible Android phone, in most countries you visit, you'll be able to talk and text over Wi-Fi.

What phones are designed for Google Fi?

The current phones designed for Fi are listed here. They are built to support multiple cellular networks, and they have a state-of-the-art cellular radio tuned to work across network types. You must have the North American model of the above devices to use it on the Google Fi network.

Other Android phones and iPhones do not have the same network switching technology but still get many of the other benefits of the plan.

Can I bring other phones to the plan?

Yes. Phones that are not designed for Fi can still get many of the benefits of the Google Fi plan. To check whether you can bring your phone, use our compatibility checker, or see a full list of compatible phones. When you sign up, you'll have the option to get a free SIM card shipped to you, or you may be able to activate your phone without one.

Can I finance a device from Google Fi?

Yes. You can buy a device from Google Fi with two ways to pay: all at once or, for qualified buyers, over 24 months. There's no interest or fees but a credit check is required. See terms and conditions here.

If you're already a Google Fi subscriber looking to finance additional devices, you can do so as long as you have enough remaining credit to finance the extra devices. Find your credit line amount in your Fi account, or when you go through the checkout process.

Can group plan members finance a device or sign-up for device protection?

Anyone aged 18 or older is able to purchase a device. Only group plan owners can finance devices if deemed qualified or enroll in device protection through Google Fi. Group plan owners are eligible to finance multiple devices.

Can I trade in my phone for a phone designed for Fi?

Yes. You can trade in your device at any time when purchasing a new device. If you finance a new device or your trade-in value exceeds your purchase amount, you will get the remaining balance in Google Fi service credit. You can trade in multiple devices, but only one phone per order.

If you're buying a new device, you can get an estimate for your current phone value and order a trade-in kit when you purchase your new device. Shipping is free, and you'll receive your credit card refund once we've confirmed your device condition.

You can expect to receive your trade-in credits in the form of a credit card refund within five days of device inspection or in the form of Fi credits on your next billing statement.

What happens if the device that I purchased from Google Fi does not work properly, or if I break the device?

Any device you purchase from Google Fi is under a manufacturer's warranty following the purchase of the device. If your new phone is defective and you report it within this time period, Google Fi will replace or repair the phone at no cost.

Google Fi also offers device protection for devices purchased from Google Fi. With device protection, you can quickly get your phone replaced or repaired in the event of accidental damage (including drops, cracks, and spills), or mechanical breakdown (beyond the manufacturer's warranty period). If you purchase a device from Google Fi, you can enroll it in device protection during checkout or within 30 days of when the device ships. For more details, visit our Help Center.

Does Google Fi sell unlocked phones?

Yes. Any device you get from Google Fi comes unlocked and can be used with other wireless providers if you choose to leave our service.

When will you add other phones designed for Fi?

We're always working to add devices to the Google Fi plan. If you would like to know when we add new phones designed for Fi, feel free to sign up for our email list.

What is an eSIM?

An eSIM is an embedded SIM that lets you set up your connection on screen the moment you power on your new device, or anytime on a compatible phone. With eSIM, you can set your phone up with the tap of a button—no physical SIM card required.

If you would rather not use Google Fi's eSIM, you can insert a physical SIM card at any time and set up your phone as you normally would. Google Fi currently supports eSIM in Pixel and iPhone® devices that are eSIM compatible.

Joining Fi
Can I bring my number to Google Fi?

Yes, you can bring your current personal number with you to Google Fi or take it with you if you leave. Because some carriers do not allow you to take your number, we'll check if you can transfer it when you sign up.

Your phone number transfer will start once you activate service on your phone. Most transfers take less than 15 minutes. Very few transfers take more than one day.

If you're on a family plan, transferring your number may impact the other people still on the plan. We recommend calling your carrier to check.

Can I activate Google Fi service with a new number and bring my number later?

Yes, you can. In the Manage device section of your Fi app, you'll see a link that says "Transfer a number to Fi." Tap on that link to start bringing your number to Fi (it will replace the new number you got at activation).

Does Google Fi have any activation fees?

No. Google Fi does not charge any activation or cancellation fees.

If I switch to Google Fi, what do I do with my current wireless service?

If you want to end your service with your current wireless provider after you switch to Google Fi, you will need to contact your current wireless provider after you activate your Google Fi account.

How do I know if my phone will work with Google Fi?

All phones designed for Fi, most Android phones and most iPhones will work with Google Fi. You can buy a new phone designed for Fi or a SIM kit for your existing compatible device from Google Fi.

Check your phone's compatibility.

Can I sign up for Fi today and add members to my plan later?

Absolutely! You can have up to 6 people on a plan. Just follow these 3 easy steps to add a member:

  1. Go to or your Google Fi app.
  2. Select Account and then Manage Plan and then Add a Person.
  3. You'll get an email when individuals join your group.
Can I refer a friend to Google Fi?


The Google Fi referral program rewards any Google Fi members for sharing Google Fi with their friends, up to 10 referrals. Both new and existing members will earn $20 in service credits applied to their next bill once the new member has been active for 30 days. To be eligible for credit, a new member must create a new Google Fi plan. The credit does not apply to new members who join as a member of an existing Fi plan.

You can easily locate and share your Google Fi referral link in the "Share the Fi Love" section of your account. You can share your custom link anywhere you like, including email, social media, or text.

Terms and conditions apply.

How old do you have to be to join Fi?

To be a group plan owner, you must be at least 18 years old. People under 18 can join as a group plan member. People under 13 must join with a Google Account managed by Family Link. Learn more at Family Link or see how to add a child to your account.

Pixel Pass
What's included in Pixel Pass?

Pixel Pass is an all-in-one subscription from Google that includes access to the latest phones, extra storage, ad-free YouTube, and more. Pixel Pass includes:

  1. The latest Pixel phone, with the option to upgrade to a new Pixel after 2 years
  2. Hassle-free repairs and replacements for accidental damage, mechanical/electrical failure, and loss or theft (conditions apply for NY residents) with device protection.
  3. Automatic phone backups and 200 GB of cloud storage with Google One
  4. Ad-free YouTube videos and non-stop music streaming with YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium
  5. Access to hundreds of games and apps—without ads or in-app purchases—with Google Play Pass
  6. Access to Google Store offers throughout your subscription

When you subscribe to Pixel Pass as a Google Fi member, you also save $5 on your monthly Fi phone plan.

What if I'm already on Google Fi?

If you're already a Google Fi member, you can subscribe to Pixel Pass and you'll automatically receive a $5 per month discount on your Fi phone plan.

What if I'm already subscribed to one or more of the included Google services?

If you're already signed up for Google One or Play Pass through Google, your service will automatically transfer to your Pixel Pass subscription when your device ships. You won't need to manually cancel your existing subscription.

If you are already a YouTube Premium subscriber, you'll need to manually cancel your YouTube Premium subscription before you can subscribe to Pixel Pass. When you subscribe to Pixel Pass, your YouTube Premium service will be reinstated, with your music library and playlists carried over seamlessly.

On a Fi group plan? If one of your group members signed up for Google One through Google and they're on a plan higher than 200 GB, they'll need to downgrade to 200 GB before subscribing to Pixel Pass. After subscribing, they can upgrade back to their previous storage level.

If you're already subscribed to one of the services included in Pixel Pass through another company, such as a network carrier or third party retailer, you'll need to contact them to cancel your subscription if you want to avoid paying for that subscription and Pixel Pass at the same time.

What benefits do I get from subscribing to Pixel Pass as a Google Fi member?

When you subscribe to Pixel Pass as a Google Fi member, you save $5 on your monthly Fi phone plan. This benefit will show up on your next bill cycle after subscribing to Pixel Pass.

You also get a way to view and manage your bill for your mobile phone plan, Pixel phone, and Google services, all in one place.

What happens when I'm ready to upgrade to a new Pixel phone?

You can upgrade to a new Pixel phone every 2 years. After 24 monthly payments, you fully own your phone. At that time, you decide if you want to stay subscribed to Pixel Pass and receive the next available device as an upgrade.

Can I cancel my Pixel Pass subscription?

You can cancel Pixel Pass at any time.

If your plans change within the first 15 days after your Pixel phone is delivered, you can cancel your subscription and send the phone back for no charge.

If you cancel after that, your subscription ends after the current billing cycle, and you just pay off the remainder of your phone cost at regular price.

For example, if you subscribe to Pixel Pass with your Pixel phone and cancel your subscription after 12 months — halfway through a 24-month term — you'll only need to pay off the remaining half of your Pixel cost at regular price, plus applicable taxes.

If you cancel your Pixel Pass subscription, you'll lose access to Google One, Google Play Pass, and YouTube Premium, and your device protection service contract will end.

How do I access the Google services included in Pixel Pass?

Once you subscribe to Pixel Pass and your Pixel phone ships, your Google services turn on automatically, and you can enjoy them on any platform where they're available — just sign into the Google Account you used to subscribe to Pixel Pass.

What if I need more cloud storage from Google One?

Pixel Pass includes Google One with 200 GB of cloud storage. If you need more, you can upgrade your Google One plan after subscribing to Pixel Pass to get up to 30 TB of storage, along with extra benefits. The difference between the new and old plans will be added to your monthly Pixel Pass payments.

Can I share the Google services included in Pixel Pass with my family?

Pixel Pass subscribers can share their Google One or Play Pass access with up to 5 additional family members at no extra cost (so 6 people total, including you).

If you're already sharing Google One or Play Pass access when you subscribe to Pixel Pass, your sharing setup will be carried over seamlessly.

YouTube Family Plans are not available with Pixel Pass subscriptions at this time.

What information is needed to subscribe to Pixel Pass?

To verify your eligibility for Pixel Pass, we'll need to run a credit check. To run the credit check, we'll ask you to validate your name, address, and Social Security number during checkout. The credit check takes just a few seconds.

Where can I manage my Pixel Pass subscription?

You can find and manage details of your Pixel Pass subscription, such as device information and upgrade timeline, within your Fi account.

YouTube Premium
Who can access 1 year of YouTube Premium on Google Fi?

1 year of YouTube Premium is available to each member on a Google Fi Unlimited Plus plan, except those under 13 years. You must maintain active service on the Unlimited Plus plan to retain YouTube Premium access on Fi. Additional terms apply

What benefits do I get from YouTube Premium on Google Fi?

You will get 1 year of YouTube Premium at no extra cost. With YouTube Premium you get premium access to YouTube and YouTube Music, so you can enjoy your favorite videos and music ad-free, offline and in the background.

What if I’m already subscribed to YouTube Premium?

If you’re already a YouTube Premium individual subscriber through YouTube, once you start your 1 year of YouTube Premium on Google Fi, your existing YouTube Premium subscription and billing will automatically transfer to Fi and you will no longer be billed by YouTube.

If you're the family manager of an existing YouTube Premium family plan subscription, you will need to manually cancel your YouTube family subscription before you can start your 1 year of YouTube Premium on Google Fi. If you cancel your existing YouTube Premium family plan subscription, everyone on the plan will lose access.

If you’re already a YouTube Premium subscriber through another Google service or company, you can start your 1 year of YouTube Premium on Google Fi, but your existing YouTube Premium subscription will not change unless you cancel.

Once you start YouTube Premium on Google Fi, your YouTube Premium service will be reinstated, with your music library and playlist carried over seamlessly.

For additional information on how to manage or cancel your existing YouTube Premium subscription, visit our help center.

What if I’m already a Pixel Pass subscriber?

If you’re a Pixel Pass subscriber, you already have access to YouTube Premium as part of Pixel Pass. You’ll be unable to start your 1 year of YouTube Premium on Google Fi until the end of your Pixel Pass subscription period.

What happens to my YouTube Premium access if I change or pause my plan?

You can switch plans once a month, as many times as you want on Fi. If you switch from the Unlimited Plus plan to the Simply Unlimited or Flexible plan or pause your Unlimited Plus plan, your access to YouTube Premium will not be available until you resume active service on the Unlimited Plus plan.

Your YouTube Premium access will still end 1 year from the day you start the service on Google Fi regardless of if you pause or switch your plan during the 1 year period.

What happens at the end of my 1 year of YouTube Premium on Google Fi?

Your YouTube Premium subscription will end after 1 year from the date you start the service on Google Fi. At that time, your subscription will automatically renew into an individual monthly YouTube Premium subscription at $11.99/month (rate subject to change) and the monthly charge will be applied to your Fi bill until you cancel. You or your Google Fi group owner can opt out of the automatic renewal or cancel your YouTube Premium subscription at any time after you start your 1 year of YouTube Premium access on Google Fi. Learn more.

Where can I manage or cancel my 1 year of YouTube Premium access?

You can manage or cancel your YouTube Premium access on Fi within your Google Fi account anytime. Learn more.

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For NY residents, device protection is a service contract included in Pixel Pass. Device protection is valued at $7/month for Pixel 6 and $9/month for Pixel 6 Pro.

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